Informatics Special Issue “Uncertainty in Digital Humanities”

28th September 2018
Michelle Doran

Submissions are invited for the Informatics Open Access Journal Special Issue, “Uncertainty in Digital Humanities”. This Special Issue will feature a range of perspectives on how humanistic researchers’ relationship to uncertainty has changed in the digital age, how the risks might be managed and the opportunities exploited, and what digital research in other disciplines might learn from the lessons of uncertainty in DH.  Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 March 2019


  • Concepts of uncertainty in various disciplines
  • Understanding all the sources of uncertainty that can affect the DH practice
  • Assessing the degree of uncertainty of data sources
  • Quantifying and Measurement of uncertainty in various disciplines
  • Uncertainty, risks and innovation
  • Uncertainty and digital transformation
  • Communication of uncertainty to the user/researcher
  • Uncertainty and teaching, communication of uncertainty to scholars
  • Uncertainty and the media, communication of uncertainty to non-scientists
  • Applications
  • Software and tools for uncertainty management
  • Technologies like semantics, linked data and language processing for data uncertainty
  • (Progressive) Visualization of uncertainty
  • History of discussion certainty and uncertainty in science

Further information is a available here.

TAGS: Dissemination Publications
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